Parents and Citizens Association

  • The functions of P&Cs are covered by legislation. P&Cs promote the interests of the school.  They do this through cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community; assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school; and fostering of community interest in educational matters.  P&Cs are very highly regarded in public schools for their organisation of fundraising or other benefits for the good of the school.  P&Cs can seek voluntary contributions from parents of students at the school, and these are reflected in the contributions and charges schedule published by the school each year.

    Please see below for the constitution and rules for the P&C.

    P & C Office Bearers

    • President
      Jeffery Williams
    • Vice President
      Helen Wade
    • Secretary
      Esther Carpenter
    • Treasurer
      Monica Ellison
    • Fundraising Coordinator
      Tracey Williamson
    • School Board Representative
      Karina Williams
    • Executive Member
      Sandra Brown
    • Executive Member
      Iris Rogers
    • Executive Member
      Anne Marie Clancy
    • General Member
      Victoria Cartridge
    • General Member
      Jessamy Offszanka
    • General Member
      Lauren Turner
    • General Member
      Brennen White
    • General Member
      Janine Stocks
    • General Member
      Graham Sloss
    • Canteen Manager
      Mrs Karen
    • Uniform Shop Manager
      Tina Witheridge