Principal’s Update #1 Term 2

There is so much happening in our school this term. It is going to be extremely busy but at the same time very exciting.

Staff Updates

We welcome back Mrs Tracey McIntosh who is back in Room 11 after taking some long service leave, it’s certainly great to have her back. We acknowledge the great work that Ms Megan Edwards did in Room 11 in Mrs McIntosh’s absence. Mrs Cathy Maxwell has decided to drop a day in Room 9 and as a result we welcome Mrs Danya Reder who will join us every Friday. Mrs Kylie Mellor will be taking long service leave every Friday for Term 2. We welcome back Ms Megan Edwards who will take her class on that day each week. We welcome Mrs Vanessa Lutman to our staff three days a week as a special needs education assistant who won this position in our recent selection process. A big congratulations to Mr Luke Schwass and Mrs Michelle Gowland who also won positions as special needs education assistants on a permanent basis. Lastly (but certainly not least), is our wonderful head cleaner Sue Bunter who won her position permanently last term. 

ANZAC Day Ceremony

This important event will take place this Friday at 10:20 outside the library. We encourage our community to attend and join our school in paying respects to past and present war veterans.

Classroom Refurbishment

As you may have already seen and heard, our school is undertaking major works this semester to refurbish most of our classrooms. It is a job that is long overdue and will make our students learning space a much more pleasant environment. We are scheduled to finish Stage 1 this week, which will allow Rooms 1, 2, 9 and 10 to move back in next Tuesday. Stage 2 will commence from next Wednesday with Rooms 3, 5, 6, and 7 all being refurbished.

Quadrangle Refurbishment

Again, this is another project that is long overdue. The bitumen in this area is extremely abrasive and there are many cracks that make it an eyesore. This term the quad area with be completely resurfaced with a basketball court, two tennis courts and new flag poles all to be installed. This will not only provide our students with a much nicer area to play, but it will also improve the overall appearance of our school.

Revitalisation Project

We are currently updating our signage and making improvements to the front office. You will begin to notice many physical changes over this term that will lift the overall appearance of our school. We want our students and your children to have the best school facilities we can possibly provide them.


NAPLAN testing will take place in Week 4 and 5 this term. The tests will be undertaken by all Year 3 and 5 students and will be done on an online platform. Students have been preparing for the test over the last few weeks to provide them with the best chance of success. We understand that this testing does cause anxiety in some children and will make all the necessary accommodations to make the experience as seamless as possible. 

Speech Students

We have five speech therapist students in their final year of study working at KPS three days a week over the term. They will be working with students to develop oral language, pre literacy skills and other intervention programs across the school.

ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Next Monday, 26 April will be a Public Holiday for ANZAC Day. We will see you all on Tuesday 27 April after the long weekend.