Principal’s Update #3 Term 3

Dear Parents/Carers,
After a few wet weeks it has been great to see the sun shining and the weather starting to warm up a little. Our students were so resilient in managing the ‘wet weather’ break times by demonstrating one of our core values of ‘responsibility’ by going straight undercover when the rain would begin. 

New Deputy Principal
I am pleased to announce our new deputy principal who will be joining our community from Monday 5 September is Ms Jade Aim. Ms Aim is an experienced deputy principal with a proven record of improving student learning outcomes throughout her career. Ms Aim joins us from Dawson Park Primary School. I know you will all make sure that she feels welcome to our wonderful community and will be looking forward to meeting her in the coming weeks.

Book Week Parade
Yesterday we had our annual dress up day for Book Week. I was in awe of the efforts and lengths that our students went to in dressing up as their favourite character from a book. Reading is the most fundamental literacy skill that we teach our students. Hopefully days like this continue to ignite a ‘love of reading’ for your children who I am certain will be reading for pleasure every evening.   

140th Pioneer Day Family Picnic
On Tuesday 30 August we will be holding a very special event in our series of 140th year celebrations. We welcome all families to bring a picnic blanket and enjoy a lunch with your children from 1:00pm. We are encouraging all students (and staff) to dress like a pioneer to get into the spirit. On the day we will have ‘old time’ games and activities.

Staff Changes Next Week
You may notice that Ms Thomason and I will be absent next Wednesday to Friday whilst we undertake professional learning. In my absence, we have Mr Michael Bettanay who is an experienced principal taking charge with Mr Donohue and Ms Skjold in the deputy’s roles. I know the school will be in great hands whilst we are off site.

Stranger Danger
It is a timely reminder to discuss the importance of stranger danger with your children. As a school this is something that we will be doing to ensure that our children are equipped with the best knowledge to keep themselves safe in the community.

PBS Focus
Our current PBS focus is ‘We Show Determination’. These core values are explicitly taught in the classroom to complement our positive approach to student behaviour.  

Winter Uniforms
Can you please ensure that your children wear school jackets and jumpers? Our new designs look fantastic and promote the school in a positive light. If you don’t have a school jacket or jumper please send your child in a plain blue one without name brands etc.

Our out of hours school care provider continues to operate successfully onsite at KPS. It is a great opportunity for your children to have a structured day care experience without having to leave the school grounds. Please contact them directly for more information on 9473 8402 or 9473 8407.