Principal’s Update #5 Term 4

Principal’s Update #5 Term 4
Today is the last day for our students for 2022 and what a year it has been! We started off with COVID dominating our lives with restrictions, masks and vaccines interrupting our operations. It’s during times of adversity that we see our true character and I can not be prouder of how our staff, students and community worked together and got through this difficult period. Since then, it been back to business as usual and we have been fortunate enough to celebrate our 140th commemorations without interruption. Some of my personal highlights of this year have been the bush dance, bingo night, massed choir, pioneer picnic day, Christmas concert and graduation. Our school has continued to grow and our facilities continue to be improved with all of our signage completed as well as works to the junior playground. Our PAT data has been encouraging with all year levels from PP-Yr 6 making significant progress in writing, reading, mathematics, grammar and punctuation. We will be introducing some new whole school approaches next year, most notably with the introduction of Prime Maths from PP-Yr 6. We believe this research-based approach to the teaching of mathematics will have a huge impact on student achievement. 2023 promises to be a fantastic year of continued and sustained growth as we continue to strive to be the highest performing school in the Western Australian Public School system.

Class Lists
The class lists were posted yesterday, if you haven’t had a chance to have a look, please phone the front office. We take a great deal of care to place students according to where we feel they will be best placed to learn. I have had some questions about split classes and how their child might cope. Please be aware that our teachers don’t teach to a child’s year level, they teach to their ability level. There will be students in every class that require extension and there will some that require intervention. This is entirely normal in both split and straight classes. Whilst every care is taken to provide class lists as early as possible to prepare students for the new school year, there is always a chance that we might need to make changes depending on enrolments. 

What a great evening it was on Tuesday. The ceremony was very student centred and provided each individual with their moment to shine. I want to thank Ms Edwards, Mrs McIntosh, Mr Grace, Mrs Aim, Year 5 student councillors and all the other people involved in organising the event. We will miss our Year 6 students and wish them all the very best for their secondary schooling. I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things they achieve.

Staffing 2022
It’s that sad time of year when we have to say goodbye to staff who will be leaving us. We say goodbye to the following people:

  • Ms Megan Edwards (Teacher)
  • Mr Jack Powers (Deputy Principal)
  • Ms Bianca Swift (Teacher)
  • Ms Chelsey Corley (Teacher)
  • Ms Stephanie Causton (Psychologist)
  • Mr Warren Bunter (Cleaner)
  • Mr Sebastian D’Angelo (Cleaner)

I want to wish the entire KPS community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you treasure this time off as a family and take time for yourselves. Please stay safe and enjoy a well-earned break. I look forward to welcoming you all back in 2023.