Ride to School Day

Ride 2 School Day is Friday the 13th. Students are encouraged to come to school in an active way, run, walk, scoot ride or skate. Teachers and student volunteers will be handing out raffle tickets at the entrance of staff carpark, Pre-Primary entrance and the entrance by the Dental Van.  Students who ride a scooter or bike will be allowed to ride at recess or lunch on the basketball court provided they wear a helmet. There will also be a blender bike in which students will be given healthy ingredients to make a smoothie, they will have to use pedal power to make the smoothie.

Students who come to school in an active way will be entered in a draw for a prize. There will be an assembly between 8.50am – 9.05am to explain to students what will be happening on the day.  The deputy Major for the City of Armadale will be attending for a chat.


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