Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths


    Kelmscott Primary School (KPS) is part of a network of schools in the Perth metropolitan and regional areas that are STEM Enterprise Schools.

    STEM enterprise schools are a collection of pioneer, mentor & mentee schools that value the importance of providing opportunities for students to engage in enterprise skills such as: creativity, problem solving, teamwork, communication, critical thinking and inter-cultural learning. The overarching aim of the program is to engage students in their learning and create 21st century thinkers with flexible, transferable skills.

    The program provides coaching, mentorship and encourages whole school reflection on the ways and means in which we implement STEM and enterprise skills at a school-wide level. The support that we have received from 2018 STEM School of the Year, Brookman Primary, has been invaluable over the past year, and assisted in stimulating and activating a positive innovation framework at KPS.

    At Kelmscott Primary, we are looking to build diverse Learning Ecosystems, through a range of service providers (businesses, community, civic and government agencies) to create long lasting connections with students to their education. Liem & Martin (2011) state, that when an individual experiences engagement in school, learning contributes to growing motivation over time, forming an “addiction” to deep learning experiences which makes you more likely to become a learner for life.

    Our STEM journey and achievements to date, include: holding two First Lego League Awards for robotics, and for our teamwork, resilience and ability to triumph over adversity. An invitation, and top 10 finish, at the State First Lego League Tournament. At classroom level, teachers are encouraged to integrate STEM through other curriculum areas including English, Science and HASS. An extension group of high achieving mathematics students has also been formed and will problem solve and utilise enterprise skills to address school and community issues in 2020 and beyond.

    Our STEM Enterprise path is well underway. We look forward to learning more about our students and community, so that we can engage and develop more future thinking individuals ready for work and life in the 21st century.