Parent Information

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Administration of Medication

Medication can only be administered by school staff if appropriate documentation has been completed by parents/carers. School staff will administer or supervise administration of prescribed medication in accordance with the instructions or advice of the medical authority.

Short Term Use of Medication (up to two weeks)

For administration of short term medication such as a course of antibiotics, our school requires written authority from parents/carers. This authority can be provided by completing an Administration of Medication Form. This form is also available from the school office.

  • All medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and provided in packaging from the pharmacy or the manufacturer.
  • Documentation must be signed and dated by a parent/carer and provided to the school with the medication.

Long Term Use of Medication

If you require the school to administer medication to your child for a period of more than two weeks, you may need to complete a Student Health Care Summary and a Management/Emergency Response Plan for your child’s particular health need. In most instances, this documentation will have been completed when you enrolled your child or as part of the school’s process for updating student health care records. If this is not the case, please discuss with the school office staff who will provide the necessary forms for completion.


If a student is required to carry and self- administer prescribed medicine whilst at school, parents must advise the school office of all relevant details.

Voluntary Contributions and Charges

The Kelmscott Primary School Board has endorsed the schedule of Voluntary Contributions and Charges for 2023. The total amount of contributions parents/carers are being asked to pay has been set at $60.00 per student which is in line with the School Education Act 1999.

To view the breakdown of estimated charges for your child’s participation in excursions, incursions and activities for 2023 please click the link below for more information. The amounts shown represent the maximum charged for scheduled activities.