Literacy and Numeracy

Numeracy Blocks

As part of our commitment to delivering high quality learning experiences addressing the Mathematics area of the Australian Curriculum our teachers present a minimum of four 90-minute numeracy block sessions per week. These sessions consolidate learning through warm-up activities and routines before engaging with new concepts and content in various ways. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively with peers during these learning times to fully explore ideas, concepts and knowledge. Using the Gradual Release Model (I Do, We Do, You Do) all students are supported and scaffolded through the learning process. All numeracy block sessions conclude with time for reflection relating to the learning engaged with during the session. This enables students to identify with the purpose of the lesson and reflect on their understanding of concepts and content of the lesson.

Literacy Blocks

Our teachers have implemented a whole-school approach to the explicit teaching of English through the establishment of literacy blocks. These sessions will provide students with the opportunity to engage in guided reading, writing and spelling (phonemic awareness) everyday in a similar structure across all classrooms. Each component of the literacy block will involve a warm-up for the purpose of consolidating learning and preparing for learning, an explicit teaching component, opportunities for students to engage with the learning and then a reflection. Similarly to the numeracy block a Gradual Release Model (I Do, We Do, You Do) allows all students to be supported and scaffolded through the learning process at their individual level.