Principal’s Update #2 Term 1

Dear Parents/Caregivers,
It is pleasing to see how well our students have settled into their new classes for 2023, especially our newest kindergarten students. Despite projections indicating reduced enrolments, our student numbers have grown for the third consecutive year. I’m proud that our school continues to attract new families to our wonderful community. The school revitilisation project will continue in 2023 with new shaded walkways being installed in the April holidays and new signage being added to the outside fences.

Prime Mathematics
All KPS teaching staff will be attending professional learning on Monday for our new whole school approach to teaching mathematics. This program is based on the Singapore Maths Model and research and data has proven it to be highly effective in Western Australian schools. The professional learning is only one step of our implementation process. All staff will also have the opportunity to visit other schools that have implemented it successfully. Every student from PP-Year 6 will be involved in ‘Primetime’ from 9-10am each morning. There will be children moving into other classes to ensure that their learning needs are being met. Over the next few years, I look forward to seeing the growth and progress of all our students.

KPS School Board
The KPS School Board is our governing body that is made up of parents, staff and community members. The Board meets 1-2 times a term to discuss various aspects of the school including academic data, school approaches and our Business Plan. The Board Chair is Mr Daniel Attewell who often liaises with the parents on the Board. We will have some vacancies that arise this year that you may be interested in. If you would like any further information please email me at

Our School Chaplain Mrs Desiree Atkinson will be leaving us in Week 4 as she will be having her first baby very shortly. I want to thank Mrs Atkinson for her dedication and support of our students over the last year and a half. We have employed a new Chaplain who will begin in Week 4, her name is Cassandra Lasic. We look forward to welcoming Ms Lasic to our school community and are excited to have her joining us.

The dates for NALPLAN have changed from previous years. Our Year 3 and 5 students will be sitting their tests over two weeks from 20 March this term. More information will be sent home with your children shortly. Whilst NAPLAN is an important assessment to allow us to measure achievement and progress for our students, we try to ensure that no added pressure is placed on them. If your child becomes anxious in the lead up to the testing period, please just encourage them to do their best and let us know so we can make some adjustments.


Our out of hours school care provider has started operating onsite at KPS. It is a great opportunity for your children to have a structured day care experience without having to leave the school grounds. Please contact them directly with them for more information on 9473 8402 or 9473 8407.