Principal’s Update #5 Term 2

Good Afternoon Parents/Carers,

As we come to the close of the term and the half way point of the year, it is a great time to reflect on all that we have achieved as a school community so far. Our students have demonstrated so much resilience and adaptability in meeting their learning needs during times of change and disruption. Our school is constantly being modernised to ensure that our students have the best learning environment we can provide them. Student achievement reports and our school data is indicating a positive shift in progress and overall achievement and our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach is being received with enthusiasm from our students who are so excited about the new PBiS reward system. Well done to those students who have already received a bronze or silver award.  Next week, we look forward to rewarding students with good and advanced standing.

STEM Innovation at the Resources and Technology Showcase

Over 662 students and staff from over 50 schools (including our very own; Caleb Turner, Casey Hodder, Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Maxwell and Mr Hart), from across WA travelled to Perth to showcase their innovative and interactive science, technology, engineering and maths activations. The whirlwind two-day STEM Enterprise Showcase was co-located with the Resources Technology Showcase Perth. What an incredible few days of technology and innovation!

Kelmscott Primary School presented in The Cube on our STEM journey since beginning the STEM Innovation Schools Program in 2019. Caleb and Casey presented with poise, confidence and great expression to the audience at the Expo, and around WA via the live YouTube feed. They discussed the integrated projects that are happening around the school and how much they enjoyed it. The crowd was very receptive to the display. Thank you to these super students, and a special thank you to Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Maxwell for the work they put into collating the presentation. I would also like to thank Mr Hart who has been overseeing this whole project over the last 18 months.

Winter Carnival

It was such a privilege to see our students take to the various sporting stages last Friday at the winter carnival. Our main goal was to have fun and play with great sportsmanship and we certainly achieved that. The fact that we came home with the Hockey trophy made the day even more special. We are certainly punching above our weight against the giant schools who have almost 1000 kids. Well done to all the teachers and education assistants who trained and coached the students and a big thank you to all the parents who came down to support their children.


We are at the half way point in our swimming program for 2021. Again, the students have shown amazing resilience in completing swimming lessons in such cold conditions. As a school we are always seeking to have swimming lessons at a much warmer time of the year, but unfortunately, we get allocated the times we received. Luckily the new facility in Armadale is heated and our students have just got on with it stoically.

Pyjama Day Postponed

We have decided to postpone the pyjama day due to swimming. It will now take place Friday 23 July, which is coincidentally ‘P&C Day’, so what better day to hold a fundraiser? As this is always a special day for students and staff we also thought it would make more sense to do it at a time where it could be enjoyed by the whole school community as one.

Quad Resurfacing

We have the concrete slab now completed. I have been told the next stage will commence tomorrow which will involve the asphalt being laid. These works will continue next week and into the school holidays. The final coating and line marking will likely occur in the Term 3 holidays.  

Term 3 Commencement Date

Please enjoy a wonderful and safe winter holiday break with your children, we look forward to welcoming them back on Tuesday 20 July 2021.