Our Staff

Our staff are employed through a rigorous merit select process and must embrace our whole school approaches to teaching and learning and support the values and behaviours in our School Charter.

Administration Team

Principal: Jason Bushe-Jones
Deputy Principal: Jade Aim
Deputy Principal:  Samantha Higgins

Corporate Services Team

Manager Corporate Services: Sharon Saville
School Officer: Sharon Merritt
School Officer: Kylie McRae
Library Officer: Robyn Morton


Room 14 – Kindy: Jade Braddow /Natasha Percy
Room 12 – Pre-Primary: Sara Skjold
Room 15 – Year P/1: Roslyn Gazeley
Room 16 – Year 1:  Robyn O’Brien/Kate Fox
Room 17 – Year 1/2: Kylie Mellor/Jessamy Offszanka
Room 1 – Year 2: Jo Easton
Room 2 – Year 2/3: Sonja Van Turnhout
Room 3 – Year 3: Gail Fetterroll
Room 4 – Year 3/4: Cathy Maxwell/ Stephanie Long
Room 6 – Year 4/5: Chantelle Branley
Room 9 – Year 5: Liam Roenfeldt
Room 10 – Year 5/6: Daniel Grace
Room 11 – Year 5/6: Tracey McIntosh
Specialist Teacher: April Fleay/Kylie Carse
Physical Education: Mike Donohue
German: Sabine Anderson
Performing Arts: Travis Van Der Meer
Art: Pauline Cooper

Allied Professionals

Pauline Chapman
Robyn Morton
Michelle Gowland
Allison Ferguson
Malika Fernando
Leiah Eloche
Luke Schwass
Keryn Hancock
AIEO: Roxanne Hirschausen
Chaplain: Cassee Lazic

Facilities Team

Gardener: Greg Van Der Vaart
Cleaner in Charge: Leni Sidabutar
Cleaner: Jason Wagner
Cleaner: Sebastian D’Angelo