Parent Involvement

The School Community consists of children, teachers and parents. As a learning community we believe that a healthy school depends on the best possible communication between all members.

It is especially important that over a school year cooperation and trust is developed between parents and teachers. Many learning and social problems which children may experience are improved when they know that their teacher and parents are working together to help them.

Parent/Teacher interviews are a healthy and desirable part of the school program.

Assemblies provide opportunities for children and groups of children to appear before a live audience. Children see themselves as part of the whole school and the basis for a cooperative school ethos is built.

Assemblies are held every three weeks and each class has a turn in running the assembly and also perform items which reflect the learning the students are engaging with in the classroom.

Kelmscott PS has long been known as a place for parent participation in a great variety of roles. The less formal areas are simply the attendance at the assemblies and assisting with various school activities. There are also several organised ways where parent participation is highly valued and encouraged:

  • School Board Member
  • P&C Member
  • School Canteen Volunteer
  • Clothing Pool Volunteer