Specialist Programs

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program has a reputation for producing exceptional artists who participate in a specialised Visual Arts program from PP-Year 6. Our school has a state-of-the-art classroom that has been purpose built with a kiln for sculpture works, art benches and a range of resources that provide students the ability to complete any artistic works. During the Kelmscott Show, we showcase our finest works in a special art gallery for our school.

String Ensemble

The Kelmscott Primary School 'String Ensemble' is a very special program that students can apply to join from Year 4. The 'String Ensemble' receive expert tuition on the violin, cello and double bass. They perform at our assemblies, special events and at many functions in the community. This program is something we are incredibly proud to offer to our students.

Health and Physical Education

Kelmscott Primary School takes the physical wellbeing of students very seriously. We offer our a daily fitness program, weekly sport lessons and measure student fitness through our semester 'physical quotient'. Students in the upper years represent our school with pride and are extremely competitive. We are currently the interschool champions for Australian Rules Football, Hockey and Athletics Team Games despite being one of the smaller schools in the competition. We have a reputation for playing in the right spirit and believe sportsmanship is the most important part of representing Kelmscott Primary School.


The Kelmscott Primary School music program has a long tradition of excellence. Each year a choir is selected to represent our school at all major events, assemblies and the coveted 'Massed Music Festival' at the Perth Concert Hall. For many students being involved in the choir is their best memory of Kelmscott Primary School. All students from PP-Year 6 are involved in weekly specialised music lessons.


From Year 3-6 students learn German as our languages program. This allows them to follow the same program to Kelmscott Senior High School where it is also taught.