At Kelmscott Primary School, we adhere to the Western Australian Curriculum with our vision, ‘Dynamic Schooling, Innovative Students, Nurturing Community’ at the forefront of everything we do. Our teachers plan collaboratively in Professional Learning Teams and moderate student achievement against the SCSA judging standards. We currently have a strong focus on numeracy and literacy and promote creativity through innovative learning experiences. 

Teachers at KPS communicate the purpose of the lesson and the intended learning outcomes for all learners. Specifically it will involve students knowing what they will be learning, what the teacher will be looking for (outcomes) and how the learning will take place.

Kelmscott Primary School has adopted an explicit instruction lesson model that is consistent across year levels. This includes using an 'I do', 'We do', 'You do' approach that allows for a gradual release of information that students will retain through our rigarous whole school approaches and programs. 

Our teachers differentiate learning outcomes to ensure all students learning needs are catered for. Our staff moderate across year levels to ensure accuracy is achieved in all assessments and student achievement data. All programs at KPS are based on research and best practice and are only implemented with a whole school consensus.

Our 'Pedagogical Framework' underpins what our staff believe is exemplary teaching methodology for our students and ensures exemplary learning outcomes are met across all classrooms. It is our collective agreement on our core business as educators - teaching.